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Read how we use the personal information we collect from you; websites linked from our site may have different policies. We do not collect or post any information provided by you on this site. No personal information collected on this site is shared with third parties. Any information on our data base is directly provided by you.

We may ask for information related to your business, which is required to perform the requested services. Once you have received and approved the final report, MHigh permanently deletes this information. You are not required to provide us with this information, but if you choose not to do so, we may not be able to perform the service requested. Under no circumstances MHigh retains this information.

Similarly, you might be asked for your e-mail address, complete name, location, and other personal information; this information is required to maintain a communication channel between client and staff during and after the completion of the service requested.

The portfolio presented in this website does not disclose information about any business. We might occasionally ask for permission from our clients to reveal the name of their business as part of our clientele. If you are under 13 years of age, you should not provide any personally identifiable information on this site without the knowledge and permission of your parent or guardian.

All contests that are held on this site are limited to persons above a certain age. Accordingly, we ask each contestant to provide year of birth, as well as name, address, and e-mail address. If the year provided indicates that the contestant is underage, the information submitted is deleted. Information submitted in order to participate in a contest is not used for any other purpose. Please refer to the specific age requirements for each contest as rules may vary from contest to contest. If you still have a question, feel free to ask at