8 Facebook tips to improve your social media strategy

Dic. 03, 2015, by Badyr Salcedo in Digital Marketing

Social media platforms entail thousands of possibilities to reach and entice audiences; depending on the industry and the market in which an organization operates, other forms of engagement emerge. Here are some amazing Facebook tactics that you can use to improve your social media strategy.

8 Facebook tips to improve your social media strategy

Tip #1: Take advantage of Facebook's cover photo

Add a call to action and an exclusive offer within the description of the cover photo. Users tend to click on the image for a closer look, being exposed to the image description. Many companies include a "button" with a call to action as part of the cover photo design. Doing so makes this image more relevant and useful. Visitors see this call to action when they land on the page or in the news feed.

Tip #2: Provide a successful landing on Facebook

In one of its previous versions, Facebook allowed community managers to include a landing page, which they used to advertise an item, highlight an offer, or mention the benefits of "liking" the page. This feature was eradicated, but there is an alternative solution. Create a landing page tab and redirect visitors to that particular section.

Tip #3: Use images for higher engagement

The usage of images, such as pictures, videos, infographics, etc, increases the page’s engagement considerably. It is recommended community managers add a visual element with every post. This content must be catchy at first sight and interesting; this way, while scrolling the page, the reader is enticed to stop and pay close attention to the post.

Tip #4: Turn the page into a contact platform

Enable visitors to contact the team, by providing thorough contact information: telephone, e-mail, map, website, etc. In some cases, incorporating contact forms help and encourage people to ask questions or make suggestions privately. Facebook has also created a feature to contact pages’ administrators via private message. Let followers know you’re listening.

Tip #5: Create a network

Pages are often part of networks; administrators list as a favorite another page, especially if it is somehow complementary in nature. An accountant’s page can be linked to a management consultant’s and vise versa. This way, both pages are interconnected, advertising one another simultaneously. Particularly within small communities, several businesses, from different industries, can "like" each other’s pages to boost traffic.

Tip #6: Develop new page custom tabs

The static HTML iframe application can be used to build new tabs with additional content on Facebook pages. The tool can create a spot for people to sign up for a newsletter; similarly, it can be used to promote a product or service or create dynamic content, such as a landing page. Many marketers develop custom tabs to launch a platform that links directly to a sales point, such as Amazon.

Tip #7: Increase page reach

A large audience entails more possibilities the page’s posts will achieve high engagement. Use the organization’s current clientele and audience, by giving them reasons to like the Facebook page. Include the URL in print materials, e-mail signatures, and other social networks’ "about" sections. Within the office or shop, include a QR to automatically send people to the Facebook page.

Tip #8: Make it a page, not a personal profile

Don’t create a personal profile, but a Facebook page. The latter brings more features specially suited for professional purposes. Personal profiles used as pages can be shut down by Facebook without previous notice. Using the "Migrate" tool makes the switch convenient, by keeping friends and followers after the transition.

Author: Badyr Salcedo

Badyr specializes in marketing and strategic planning. He enjoys the creative element of business development, having worked and collaborated in organizations in the U.S., Mexico, and the Netherlands. A self-proclaimed music enthusiast, Badyr also spends his leisure time writing and staying up-to-date with current trends in the industry.

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